Tandem Connect Technology

Tandem-Connect employs a value creation cycle that can include one or all of the components:

Savings Discovery: Current transportation cost and methods are used to establish a base-line for future savings and process improvement. Savings of 10 to 15 percent are typical.

Bid Procurement: Current lanes are introduced to a broad network of pre-qualified carriers based on the customer's business rules and operating constraints. Tandem advocates matching lanes and carriers based on best overall fit, not necessarily lowest price. Following the procurement event, a series of algorithms are performed, generating multiple scenarios that ultimately drive out cost and optimize network performance.

Auto Tendering: Automating the process of shipment tendering to carriers greatly accelerates information flow, improves accuracy and provides streamline visibility, allowing greater control and lower back-end costs.

Performance Management: By establishing KPI and benchmark reporting, Tandem helps customers continually measuring cost savings and service performance further ensuring ongoing improvements and ROI.

Optimization: No two supply chains are alike. Business objectives, service constraints, transit times, pick up and delivery windows, intermodal versus over-the-road, truckload vs. LTL, are only a few of the many conflicting objectives that add or change the complexity of any supply chain. Tandem Connect reduces these complexities by offering multiple scenarios, give customers the tools to make faster, smarter decisions.

Freight Settlement: Tandem-Connect's freight settlement solution connects all financial steps of transportation transaction into a streamline process, drastically reducing back-end processing costs, effectively enforcing invoicing accuracy and increasing overall cycle time.