If you need to ship less than a truckload worth of goods inside Texas or to nearly any other location in the U.S., Mexico or Canada, turn to Tandem Logistics. With industry-leading customer service and unparalleled dedication to on-time pick-up and delivery, Tandem makes it simple to organize your shipping needs.

Tandem unifies the patchwork of small shipping organizations spread across the nation and provides your organization with a streamlined shipping solution for less-than-truckload amounts.

Organizing long-distance shipping can be a time-consuming process, and the final result can be expensive. Tandem Logistics solves both problems. Tandem experts have the industry experience necessary to quickly identify your needs, and they are able to negotiate for the best price using Tandem's high volume of LTL shipments.

Tandem has contracts with thousands of small shippers in Texas and beyond, and they are able to provide a wide range of shipping services that can accommodate nearly any good. We offer spot or contract pricing options. Request a quote or call us today to learn more.