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Tandem Logistics Makes Austin Business Journal Top 25 Fastest Growing Large Companies

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By: Phil Sneed

On August 29th the Austin Business journal announced that Tandem Logistics Inc was chosen to be listed in their “Fast 50” which honors the top 50 companies who have experienced unprecedented growth in the previous three years. At the official Fast 50 Gala we were placed in rank 22 with 40.98% growth in the “$10 Million and Above in Revenue” category.

Part of our success has to do with the state of the Texas economy in general. Third party logistics firms can be seen as a bellwether for economic trends. If we’re all moving more freight, it could mean that production is up, driven by consumer spending.

However, none of that would matter were it not for our hard workers, the carriers and owner-operators we work with, and our diverse array of clients from industries all across the spectrum: from agriculture, food and beverage, and retail, to manufacturing, energy, and construction. As we continue to grow and expand our company, forge new relationships, and build on this solid foundation we laid in 1998.

By working together we have managed to not only deliver what our customers need, but satisfied them with speedy and prompt service that brought them back.

The road ahead is full of opportunities (see our previous article on the Panama Canal expansion, and its implications for Texas exports). If we stay focused on the aspects that sets Tandem apart, like our customer service and leading edge technology, we can create more jobs, increase revenue, and make Tandem the go-to name for shipping while securing another place on the “Fast 50.”

Tandem Logistics at Austin Business Journal's Fast 50 Gala

There we are on the big board at the Fast 50 Gala.