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Tandem Logistics and community outreach

Tandem Logistics has recently participated in local community outreach programs.
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By: Phil Sneed

Tandem Logistics recently participated in three local community outreach programs over the summer.

For most companies across the U.S., community outreach is an important component of business operations. The power of giving back can't be brushed aside, especially during times of need.

When companies participate in local events by donating supplies or hosting events, local residents notice. They appreciate when companies, no matter the size, give back.

Employees also appreciate when they're able to volunteer their time to certain causes. If employees love what they're doing, they're more likely to put in a greater effort. More so, employee volunteer programs can represent even more ways for employees to get involved. It's in the best interest of executives to plan multiple types of events outside of the usual post-work happy hour.

Community outreach programs allow employees to step into leadership roles to organize such events. By doing so, employees will likely feel better about where they work, which can lead to an increase in productivity all around, as Entrepreneur noted.

Participating in events with the local community can present itself in many different ways. From sponsorship of the Little League team to donating supplies to families affected by natural disasters, there are many ways for companies to get involved.

July event

During the month of July, Tandem donated 300 gallons of water to the Round Rock, Texas, serving center. This food pantry assists residents in Williamson County who are in need.

To get to the 300 gallon donation mark, Tandem held an internal water challenge that is held on a quarterly basis. We ask that during working hours, all employees track their water consumption and the amount collectively drank was then donated to the Round Rock serving center.

In addition to water that is donated, Tandem employees also benefit because by tracking water consumption, everyone is able to actively participate in the Health & Wellness agenda.


With children gearing up for the start of another school year, Tandem held a two week back-to-school drive that supported the Round Rock and Austin Independent School Districts.

And just recently, Tandem donated 15 cases of bottled water to victims of the flooding currently affecting the southern portion of Louisiana. The cases of water were delivered Aug. 20 as recovery efforts are ongoing.