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Industry heads into holiday weekend with good news

Trucking firms head into the holiday weekend with good news.
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By: Phil Sneed

The beginning of July brought good news for the trucking industry. In the latest job statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trucking industry created nearly half of the jobs produced by transportation and warehousing companies.

The BLS reported the trucking industry added 7,400 jobs in June. The report also upwardly revised trucking industry gains in May by 2,000 jobs. Over the previous year, truck companies have created 43,300 jobs, with 19,000 being created in the last three months. Furthermore, these employment gains come after industry revenue topped $700 million in 2014, according to statistics released by the American Trucking Associations in May.

More opportunities
The job creation is a reflection of the growing opportunities available for logistics management companies. NerdWallet's Benjamin Pimental wrote that because trucking continues to be a dominant  way to move goods across the U.S., more companies are being created and applying for small business loans to keep up with demand.

"Over the previous year, truck companies have created 43,300 jobs."

"People are transporting more stuff. The economy is growing again," said David Gilbert, CEO of National Funding, in an interview with NerdWallet. 

Busy holiday weekend
Americans are expected to hit the road in large numbers this Fourth of July weekend. With many businesses closing the day before, individuals and families have a head start on the long weekend travels. When they are out on the interstate, they are guaranteed to see many trucks.

According to AAA, an increase in income will contribute to approximately 41.9 million Americans traveling 50 miles or more this holiday weekend. This will be the highest amount since the 2007 holiday.

This may pose some potential issues for truck drivers, but it's nothing they have not experienced before. More drivers equate to more congested roads. Drivers will complete their shipments, however, it may take longer than usual when combined with the increased traffic and possible construction.

Likewise, truckers need to stay aware of their surroundings during the holiday. According to Truckers News, logistics security company FreightWatch International urged drivers to watch for potential cargo thieves, as this crime usually sees an increase during the Fourth of July. Drivers who make stops at rest areas should always check their truck to make sure everything is securely locked.

"Truckers need to stay aware of their surroundings this holiday weekend."

There have been notable instances of truck theft to remind drivers of the dangers. Truckers News highlighted some notable thefts. The publication said last year, a full load of tablets was stolen in Georgia, as well as nearly $451,000 worth of cellphones in Florida.

Trucking companies can head into the Fourth of July weekend with confidence, knowing that the industry is continuing to add jobs and fill driver vacancies. However, they should remember to remind drivers to stay vigilant this weekend to prevent any thefts.