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Mexican manufacturing keeps growing

Mexican manufacturing is heating up.

For the past several decades, it’s been common for U.S. companies to shift manufacturing to China and other Asian countries that offered cheaper labor.

How soft packaging is shaking up the beverage industry

Beverage packaging is changing.

Cans and bottles have served as the main container types in the beverage industry for an eternity, but these tried and true methods of beverage packaging are slowly being phased out in certain applications.

Mattress sales set to spike

The mattress market is set to grow.

A mattress is a serious investment for many Americans, and it’s one spending category where splurging is appropriate.

Physical textbooks remain a top seller

Physical books are still a critical part of education.

Electronic books have eaten into book sales for years, but digital options remain less popular in educational institutions across the country.

US infrastructure funding remains inadequate

Infrastructure funding is a serious issue for U.S. roadways.

The U.S. is heavily reliant on roads, and over 70 percent of the nation’s freight is transported in trucks that rumble down the nation’s highways.