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Challenges in refrigerated transportation

What are some of the challenges from refrigerated transport?

Truck drivers and fleet managers have plenty on their plates to account for before, during and after every delivery. Nowhere is this more evident than when refrigerated transportation is utilized.

Rule preventing driver coercion takes effect

A new rule aims to prevent driver coercion.

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently published a new rule that can potentially result in heavy fines for those in the trucking industry if they knowingly force drivers to break federal regulations.

The price of highway bottlenecks

Traffic has a negative impact on the trucking industry.

Truckers who consistently find themselves driving throughout major U.S. cities will want to pay special attention to a recent study looking at some of the worst highway bottlenecks across the country.

How to appeal to millennials

Truck companies have to start appealing more to millennials.

Fleet managers and others involved in the industry have to start appealing to younger individuals looking for a career.