Delivering the goods on-time and with care.

As a full-service, on-demand, truckload service provider, Tandem Truckload offers service throughout U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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Looking for ways to simplify your LTL shipping?

Tandem removes the complexities of LTL shipping by offering a wide array of price and shipping options that drive savings, accelerate transit times and simplify settlement.

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Ready to expand into new markets?

Tandem's Intermodal allows customers to tap new distant territories at substantially lower transportation cost than over-the-road.

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Rising fuel cost, diminishing capacity?

In today's challenging marketplace, leveraging supply-chain costs have never been more important. Fuel costs are up, capacity is down. These and other factors translate to higher foreseeable costs.

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Tandem Logistics

In today's challenging and global marketplace, you need a logistics partner that understands your service objectives and business constraints.

Tandem Logistics' vast transportation resources, experienced team, and advanced technology, help customers reduce cost, improve service performance and ultimately achieve supply chain excellence.

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